At Mr. Multicultural, we are promoting Equality and Diversity. It all started with the EMMA Awards show since 1997 that was broadcasted on National Television for many years. We have always believed, Equality is the greatest strength to any society, as showcased through those collective efforts globally to eradicate many injustices like the Nazi’s racist ideology during the Second World War who were beaten by a truly multicultural army. The many who fought, regardless of their race, colour or religion had stood up for these “Multicultural” values – so that a person can be judged by their character not labelled differently through some hate crowd or community; that unfortunately still seems to feaster in the 21st Century.

Mr Multicultural and Ms Multicultural alongside EMMA stand against all types of Apartheid and Racism. This is why we strongly believe that individuals can make a difference by embracing Mr. Multicultural motto ‘It’s what’s inside that Counts’

The racist Murder of Mr George Floyd on 25th May 2020, by a US Police officer during 9 minutes of public torture, was a very clear sign that barbaric behaviors still existed as recorded on a mobile phone for the world to witness. Thankfully, the Jury found Mr Derek Chauvin guilty of Manslaughter, Second Degree Unintentional Murder and Third Degree Murder on 20 April 2021. With the global outcry of this blatant form of racism, that sparked protests movement like ‘Black Lives Matter’, highlighting the many that have experienced many forms of racism. The message to the political establishment is clear, ‘Enough is Enough’, hence the need to challenge the old social and cultural norms, that had allowed racism to flourish under the radar.

The Mr Multicultural YouTube channel launched on the 25 May 2021 one year after Mr Floyd death, presented by EMMA Founder, Mr Bobby A Syed; is a response to this, so we can finally, celebrate our EMMA winners and supporters who have clearly defined what it really means to be ‘Multicultural’.

Mr Bobby A Syed, has dedicated his whole life to fight all forms of discrimination, including his active role as an Anti-Apartheid member since 1980’s. This was appreciated by Nelson Mandela, who acknowledged the EMMA Award bestowed upon him at a ceremony at the South Africa House in 2000, for his courage to standup to the Apartheid Regime. Mr. Mandela also acknowledged Mr. Bobby A. Syed progressive vision and clear understanding of what it takes to be “Multicultural” by branding him as “Mr. Multicultural”.

Mr Multicultural and Ms. Multicultural helps us to understand the term ‘Multicultural’ better through Deeds of others in a rich society full of Diversity. The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Multicultural’ as meaning “including people who have many different customs and beliefs – Britain is increasingly a Multicultural Society”. This was no coincidence, as Mr Multicultural i.e. Bobby A Syed founded the EMMA Awards in 1997, to create this Multicultural society within Britain. As a person who grew up in Britain/London during the 1960’s, racism was a common reality for all Minorities not just the poor as shown today, the environment Minorities had grown up in what was defined as inner city ‘Ghetto’s’ leading to riots due to the discrimination imposed on an impoverished community from the Commonwealth. The irony here was that these labourers had migrated to help rebuild this country, after the devastation of the Second World War; they just wanted some Equality as an Ethnic Minority. Sadly, the Colonial cultural narrative still persisted leading to discrimination.

Mr. Bobby A. Syed, devoted his live to change this colonial narrative by promoting Equality and Diversity, starting with his academic background till the many ground breaking campaigns he conceived and produced, since working for Saatchi & Saatchi then going onto forming the EMMA Awards and now with Mr. Multicultural.